The Indictment of Anthony Fauci for His Big Lie

With a grand jury approach, the revealing of evidence herein shows that Dr. Anthony Fauci has deliberately ignored massive amounts of data showing that hydroxychloroquine is a safe, cheap and effective remedy for COVID-19. By ignoring his ethical responsibility as a physician to first do no harm, his behavior continues to cause preventable pain, suffering and death. Evidence also vindicates what President Trump said and did early on to inform Americans about the benefits of hydroxychloroquine.

1. The Case

Mounting COVID-19 cases and deaths result from limitations on physicians using a safe, effective and low-cost treatment medicine. This, despite many studies and data from other countries showing that HCQ really works to lower death rates and keep affected people from needing hospitalizations and expensive care.

Missing from discussions of hydroxychloroquine use is explicit acknowledgment that Anthony Fauci has used his considerable power and influence to block use of the drug and prevent physicians from using their best judgment. The media have failed to connect two death-causing actions: 1. Some state governors forcing nursing homes to accept virus-infected elderly people; and 2. Government preventing wide and early use of HCQ.

2. Reluctance to condemn Fauci

Nearly everyone seems afraid to openly condemn Fauci’s behavior and demand a reversal of his position on HCQ, which would also impact CDC and FDA.

He has made himself the king of virus medicine through constant media appearances far beyond what is normal for a medical researcher. He is part of is a research organization, not a public health or drug approval agency. As much a tyrant as a virus expert, Fauci has stubbornly refused to admit his mistake.

In this vein, an Australian government official has recently condemned the ban on using HCQ:

“Health bureaucrats have ‘violated the very first principle of the Hippocratic oath’ which is to ‘do no harm.’… and they must lift their bans. Otherwise they are engaged in crimes against humanity, and they should be taken to the criminal court in The Hague.”

Some Americans blame President Trump for the high levels of cases, hospitalizations and deaths from COVID-19. But they have more reason to blame Fauci and his pandemic of lies about HCQ. At the end of this article is a “political” solution. It could make stockpiled HCQ broadly available.

3. The Evidence

As in a grand jury, this article cites many publications and detailed information demonstrating the proper and effective use of HCQ that has already saved millions of lives worldwide in this pandemic and could save millions more.

In sum, evidence shows that HCQ should be taken very early, either at home in the first few days after a positive test or after symptoms deemed significant by a physician, or in the first days of hospitalization. Also, evidence shows that HCQ should be taken along with zinc and an antibiotic, such as doxycycline. Such a “cocktail” can stop the virus at its earliest stage before the very severe second stage.

The Economic Standard’s new white paper argues that “HCQ has met the appropriate burden of proof and urges members of the U.S. news media, public health community, and regulatory agencies to stop politicizing the use of this medicine… opponents have deprived many tens of thousands of Americans of a potentially life-saving treatment.” But like other reports, the critical role of Fauci in blocking broad use of HCQ is missing.

A just released Italian study of 3,451 hospitalized patients found 30% less mortality, better than that reported for the very costly remdesivir in hospitals, touted by Fauci. An earlier, smaller Italian study found a 66% reduction in death in hospital patients. A Belgium study of 8,075 hospitalized patients found a 65% reduction. Likewise, a recent study from Saudi Arabia found 43% fewer hospitalizations and 45% fewer ICU admissions. For high-risk nursing home patients in Spain HCQ cut the risk of a bad outcome in half.

A large Henry Ford Hospital System study found a mortality rate for 2,541 patients of 13.5% for HCQ alone, 20.1% for HCQ plus azithromycin, and 26.4% for neither.

A new analysis by R. Clinton Ohlers is title, “Effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine was hiding in plain sight.” An early widely publicized study concluded that HCQ was not effective in New York patients. In truth: “Survival rates for hospitalized patients who received the drug approached 85%” and “with azithromycin the survival rate rose as high as 90%.” Without either drug, “survival fell to levels as low as 53%.” Conclusion: “a highly effective, inexpensive, and widely available treatment for COVID-19 is already in hand.”

Similarly, Dr. Watanabe from Brazil reanalyzed a Minnesota study that had a negative conclusion. For very early HCQ use, he found that “reduction in symptomatic outcomes is 72% after 0 days (first day of infection), 48.9% after 1 day and 29.3% after 2 days” – all compared to a placebo group. Conclusion: “Infected patients may have a large benefit if treated as early as possible.”

Cover Up: Fauci Approved Chloroquine, Hydroxychloroquine 15 Years Ago to Cure Coronaviruses; “Nobody Needed to Die”
Clearly, many media-hyped studies saying HCQ has no benefits are not credible. Some medical journal papers were retracted.

An article by physician Norman Doidge is “Hydroxychloroquine: A Morality Tale – A startling investigation into how a cheap, well-known drug became a political football in the midst of a pandemic.” Conclusion: “Worldwide [HCQ] might save a million or more people before COVID is tamed.” Some studies were poorly designed. In one case “the patients were given the medication late – on average 16.6 days after the first symptoms.”

Another important study is: “Early treatment with hydroxychloroquine: a country-based analysis.” Critical conclusion: The death rate from the virus in a number of nations where HCQ has been made widely available (the treatment group) is about 74% less than in those nations, including the U.S., where it has not been made available (the control group).

Many physicians and experts on viruses have published strong pro-HCQ articles, notably Dr. Harvey Risch from Yale University. He has repeatedly argued for using HCQ as the standard outpatient therapy. This article is for a general audience. In a medical journal article, he warned against “sitting by and letting hundreds of thousands die because we did not have the courage to act according to our rational calculations.”

Experienced pro-HCQ front-line doctors have appeared on Fox News shows, including Dr. Stephen Smith, Dr, Marc Siegel (whose 96-year-old father was saved with HCQ), Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Risch who noted, “We’re basically fighting a propaganda war against the medical facts” and that “75,000 to 100,000 lives will be saved” if the national HCQ stockpile were used. Fox’s Sean Hannity had Dr. George Fareed, an early user of HCQ, on a recent radio show.

A new CDC publication reveals prescriptions for HCQ at retail stores (not mail order). In March through June this year there likely were 680,000 prescriptions for treating the virus. After the government clamp down, prescriptions in May and June averaged 80,000 a month. This limited use may help explain many reduced death rates.

And despite negative actions by some governments and the World Health Organization, the Sermo survey of physicians in 30 countries found for this September that HCQ is being used for 22% of patients outside hospitals, 21% inside them and even 14% in ICUs.

4. Problems with Fauci’s Positions

Dr. Fauci is only satisfied with randomized control trials (RCTs). This position has been sharply debunked, as has the assertion of negative health effects and that HCQ risks outweigh its benefits.

Thomas R. Frieden, former head of the CDC, concluded in 2017: “Despite their strengths, RCTs have substantial limitations.” He supported using many other kinds of data that now constitute the evidence for using HCQ.

Similarly, Norman Doidge observed: “RCT is best understood as standing not for Randomized Control Trials, but rather ‘Rigidly Constrained Thinking.’ in the current COVID-19 situation… we cannot simply, as so many are insisting [namely Fauci], rely only on the long-awaited RCTs to decide how to treat COVID-19.”

Importantly, hundreds of drugs have been approved without RCTs, including hydrocortisone, Lasix, tetanus vaccine, insulin, tetracycline, warfarin, heparin, prednisone, half of chemotherapy drugs used in cancer and uses of HCQ for many diseases, such as malaria and lupus.

Another false criticism has recently been debunked: “HCQ decreases cardiac events. HCQ should not be restricted in COVID-19 patients out of fear of cardiac mortality.” Another study concluded: “HCQ administration is safe for a short-term treatment for patients with COVID-19… causing… no directly attributable arrhythmic deaths.” Dr. James Todaro concluded: “It is highly unlikely that fatal cardiac cases are from hydroxychloroquine use. It is far more likely that the disease itself is the cause of arrhythmias and cardiac injury during the hyperinflammation phase of severe cases of COVID-19.”

An article by Steven Hatfill, “Why Is The Media Suppressing Information About Hydroxychloroquine’s Effectiveness Against COVID?” noted, “There are now 53 studies that show positive results of hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 infections.” It also highlights the early Fauci and FDA strategy that promoted use of HCQ for hospitalized patients (when it was mostly too late) rather than early outpatient use.

The Doidge article noted that for a major study that found a 66% reduction in hospital deaths from use of HCQ, Fauci “didn’t seem excited.” The key question: “Why should anyone facing a pandemic wish to discredit potentially lifesaving medications?” The answer: The billions of dollars to be made from selling medications and vaccines. Fauci has had a very close relationship with pharmaceutical companies and has patents for one of the leading vaccines being tested by Moderna.

In August three-front line physicians wrote a detailed open letter to Fauci making the medical case for unblocking widespread use of HCQ. “You are largely unchallenged in terms of your medical opinions. You are the de facto COVID-19 Czar… Americans must not continue to die unnecessarily. Adults must resume employment and our youth return to school. Locking down America while awaiting an imperfect vaccine has done far more damage to Americans than the coronavirus.”

An important article by an epidemiologist rebutted the explanation by Fauci of why he rejects the incredible amount of evidence supporting use of HCQ. Conclusion: “I earnestly hope that Dr. Fauci reconsiders his opposition to HCQ and restores his hitherto considerable reputation.”

Schachtel noted, “Mad scientist: Fauci demands total U.S. shutdown until COVID vaccine arrives: There is no basis for Fauci’s claim that he can manipulate society into stopping the virus. He is either a victim of the illusion of control, or he has embraced total deception as part of his power drunk campaign to stay in the spotlight.”

Dr. Lee D. Merritt unraveled the question of why Fauci has been so negative about HCQ: “Why is he so strongly promoting the $3,600 remdesiver and almost totally ignoring the $20 HCQ regimen, other than to say the latter is of ‘unproven benefit’?” Are there conflicts of interest? She noted that Fauci is an integral part of a vaccine coalition, specifically the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP), a collaboration of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Fauci’s group. Fauci is also in the Leadership Council of the ‘Decade of Vaccines’ Council. Large sums of money flow from the Gates Foundation to and around Fauci’s projects.

5. Indictment justified

The continued use of crippling lockdowns advocated by Fauci is sheer lunacy when, in fact, we have an effective therapeutic. Early use of HCQ coupled with understanding the low impact of the virus on younger and healthy people would have blocked local and state lockdowns.

Waiting for large-scale use of a proven vaccine to justify restoring our society and economy is just plain stupid. If Fauci were a genuine public health official and not just a medical researcher, then he would have recognized the great many negative health impacts of lockdowns and waiting for a broadly used vaccine. He has not.

In sum: Every single day people are suffering and dying unnecessarily because Fauci refuses to accept HCQ facts. Instead, in endless media statements and appearances he pushes masks, lockdowns and vaccines.

Anthony Fauci benefits from incorrect views of HCQ in the mostly leftist press. From The Washington Post: “There is no solid scientific evidence hydroxychloroquine should be used to treat COVID-19.” Similarly, Twitter recently issued a warning “about the potential risks” of HCQ use. USA Today claimed science “has shown [HCQ] does not have a clinical benefit for COVID-19 patients and even has increased risks.”

6. Indictment specifics

For this grand jury proceeding, substantial evidence supports the indictment of Fauci on these counts:

A. Violating his physician oath to first do no harm.

B. Using his substantial influence to block widespread use of the proven safe, cheap and effective HCQ and, consequently, causing preventable pain, suffering and death for many thousands of Americans directly and through crippling lockdowns with their own negative health impacts.

C. Blocking traditional medical freedom and preventing physicians from using their best judgment in selecting for their patients the best treatment for COVID-19.

7. Solution

As a form of trial for the indicted Fauci, here is a practical way to defeat anti-HCQ efforts and the leftist, anti-Trump media and, more importantly, help Americans.

Immediately create a special work group under the White House Pandemic Task Force. Have it co-chaired by Dr. Scott Atlas, now a member of the Task Force, and the eminent Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale University. Have them select 10 additional members. Mandate them to deliver to the Task Force and President Trump within 30 days a recommendation to remove government restrictions on the use of HCQ or maintain the status quo. Let truth prevail.

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What Are the 4 Main Areas of Digital Transformation?

If you want to stay in business, you need to learn keeping up with the changes. Adapting yourselves to the changes in technology can help you stay afloat against the competition.

Theory of evolution stated back in time that life is all about the survival of the fittest. But, the world that we are living in today it is the one who is quite responsive to the change is the one who survives the competition. This fact holds quite true in the case of digital transformation. So, what are the key areas you need to focus on when it comes to the digital transformation?

What is Digital Transformation?

Before we can move into a discussion into the key areas of digital transformation, we will try to understand what is this transformat is all about. This added knowledge can help you understand the concept of the best features of technique.

Digital Transformation refers to the integration of digital technology in almost all areas of a brand’s business. By definition, however, Digital Transformation is the approach by which enterprises drive changes in their business models and ecosystems by leveraging digital competencies. The digital technology will primarily be used for optimising your internal operations, improving the communication within the organisation and of course, coming up with products and services that your customers are looking ahead to.

What are the four main areas of Digital Transformation?

Well, understanding the key areas in terms of digital transformation can be a cumbersome and tough task in itself. There are different scenarios for the main areas of focus put forward by different organisations and analysts. Almost all the key areas point to the better integration of the transitional structure, customers, products (or services) and operations within the organisation. The difference lies in handling the different parameters.

Area 1 – The Business Process

This area will include and involve the collaboration of different aspect within your organisation. You will need to improve collaboration between the people, processes and applications within your organisation. You will need to make use of the processes, services and models so that you can improve the skills and opportunities within your organisation. Applying digital technologies to all the functional areas within your organisation will improve the performance.

Area 2 – The Business Model

The second important area is to implement digital technologies in the business model. However, rather than implementing the new technology just for the sake of implementing them, it would be worthwhile to focus on improving revenue and enhancing the customer experience. Thee are several industries and businesses that have developed consistently. You may have a look at some of the industries such as Sony which diversified from an electronics industry into the entertainment industry.

Area 3 – Domain Transformations

Domain transformation refers to the diversification of business. The above example where we cite Sony above should be applicable in this context as well. Another example of this type of transformation technique can include Microsoft, which diversified into several areas, such as cloud storage. Amazon developing a streaming service along with a cloud computing service can be one of the practical solutions that can be quite effective and efficient in its own right.

Area 4 – Cultural Focus

Your organisation and the employees thereof can be from different backgrounds. Getting everyone on the same page can be a very challenging experience. The transformation in the cultural and organisational regions can prove to be effective in providing a better degree of efficiency for your customers. This will help the employees have proper mindsets, attitudes, and behaviours for handling customer preferences.

What are the other areas of Digital Transformation?

There are different schools of thought that have been put forward to define the different areas of the concept.

Microsoft specifies the four main areas for the digital transformation as per thoughts put forward by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella -

Empowering your employees – Improving employee motivation and skills can be a great option for a high-end digital transformation.
Engage your customers – The business should be capable of the efficient satisfaction of the customers and apply the right degree of techniques to meet the changing expectations of the customers.
Optimised operations – Application of the right techniques in your organisational structure can help enhance the efficiency of your organisation and improving productivity.
Better services and products – An effective transformation options applied to the production techniques can be effective in improving your market position and staying relevant to the market.

The Closing Thoughts

In essence, the digital transformation will involve focussing on the key areas that you want to work on. When you move ahead to apply the right techniques in your organisation, the areas that you need to focus on should be relevant to the problem you want to solve.

Pick the right areas based on what your organisation lacks in or what your organisation wants to improve upon. Once that done, you can focus on the key areas that is relevant to that area.

Neuronimbus Digital is a digital solutions company that has a global experience of more than 17 years. We come with rich experience of working across different industry segments and experience of delivering solutions to tier-1 enterprise clients and startups alike. We are an outfit of passionate digital evangelists with a global team of 80 plus neuroites.

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Tips To Help You Choose The Best Pair Of Hover Shoes

The hover shoe is on the list of the next generation trendy gadgets that are gaining popularity across the globe. You may have seen hoverboards that are quite popular among people of all ages, especially youngsters. If you are thinking of buying a pair of hover shoes, we have a list of important things that you may want to consider first. Read on to know more.

First of all, a pair of hover shoes share the feature of both roller skates and skateboards. This is the reason they use the same technology. As far as safety, self-balancing, customization, and battery life is concerned, the users of the hoverboard have been on the lookout for a gadget that can do better.

If you are looking for the best pair of hover shoes for yourself or a loved one, given below are some of the things that you must consider. If you keep these things in mind, making the best choice will be a lot easier for you.


Before you go for a pair of hover shoes, make sure you read customer reviews on different products. If you go through a lot of reviews, you will come to know about the experience of the users of those products. As a result, you will be able to get first-hand information about the features, functionality, and reliability of the model you want to purchase.

Ideally, you may want to go for a product that has a lot of positive reviews from verified customers.


Since hover shoes were launched recently for a specific niche, make sure you get a pair that can meet your requirements. To be on the safe side, it is better that you choose a reputable brand. After all, you don’t want to end up buying a cheap product.


Before you buy your desired model, make sure you take a look at the price tag. The reason is that the price tag has an impact on the quality of the product you want to purchase. High-end products come with additional features that can be quite useful for you. Apart from this, they also have certification.

However, keep in mind that high-end products are much more expensive. So, if you cannot pay additional money, you may want to look for a lower-end model.

Battery power

Hover shoes are powered by Lithium-ion batteries that can be recharged. The charging time is between 2 and 4 hours. The type of battery inside this product has a direct impact on the performance and range of the unit.

Therefore, you may want to consider the capacity of the battery and the maximum range it offers on a full charge. Again, units that come with higher battery capacity can cost you more money. If you are on a budget, you may compromise on this feature.

The takeaway

Long story short, if you are looking for the best pair of hover shoes, we suggest that you follow the tips given in this article. Taking these factors into account will help you make the best choice.

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